BIM modelling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a way to achieve an incredible accuracy in architecture. We build an informational and 3D model of the whole structure instead of doing paperwork or combining blueprints from different CADs. This model includes every brick, every switch and every door knob. This allows our clients to cut costs on reserves of parts and construction materials. Another BIM’s merit is a total lack of surprises. Our software allows us to solve all heating, cooling, vent, electrical and other problems beforehand and thus give our clients a project with assured performance.

Why choose BIM?

  • Lower costs

    BIM modelling allows you to minimize reserves and risks dramatically.

  • High accuracy

    Every brick, every nail and every fuse are modelled exactly giving you an incredible level of accuracy in a project.

  • No surprises

    BIM model includes vent, conditioning, heating, water supply and other projects combined in one and tested all together. This assures your building’s future performance.

Why choose us?

  • BIM minds

    We specialize in BIM since we were in this business. We never use other design methods except for sketching.

  • Competitive prices

    Our costs are lower then in EU/US companies due to lower taxes, generally lower prices in Russia. And, of cource, due to our policy.

  • Great portfolio

    Contact us to request a personal portfolio selection. And pleasse check out some of our projects in the gallery.

Our BIM projects Gallery